Feb 6, 2009

My dancing Peter

I want to go dancing! It’s been four months since my husband took me, and I’m getting ready to go without him. He doesn’t like to dance (which I cannot comprehend), but the fact that he’s fine with my dancing with someone else, makes it easier to accept. Living in a tiny one dance floor kind of town, there’s not a big selection when it comes to partners, but much to my delight, I found my Peter!
Peter’s a painter. Unhappily divorced, but working through it with the help of Jack and PBR, so he’s usually at the bar and readily available when needed. Man, what a good dancer! I can’t stop smiling when he’s spinnin’ me around {{{..giggles..}}} What a Blast!! He loves to dance too, this is awesome for me! My husband is relieved to have someone else to pick up his slack and refers to my partner as his “Surrogate Peter”.
During the warmer months, our little community is inundated with tourists and the Boise college crowd (known crudely as ‘fresh meat’), they get all the attention from the locals, including Peter, who’s anxious to meet the next Mrs. Right. Understandably, if he spends all his time dancing with another woman, he's tagging himself as ‘taken’, therefore, he avoids me like the plague. If I expect to get my fair share, I better do it quick!!


  1. I wanted to stop by...Thanks for following me..Stop by any time...

    My husband loves to dance, but I'm not a big fan of dancing.. Glad you have Peter..LOL
    Have a great weekend..

  2. Hi
    I cant remember how I found you but i'm glad I did, you sound so happy....got to be the dancing adrenaline!! lol
    Hope you had a fab time :)