Feb 27, 2009

..................Youth Revisited..................

Reunion.com sends me an email almost every day, which I delete without hesitation Today, it caught my attention by telling me that my ex was looking for me (oh dear god...). Quite pleased with my life at this point, but curious none the less, I put on my sunglasses and dawned my daughters Hanna Montana wig (my 'ex' may now be a mastermind hacker who will seize my computer and activate the web-cam upon my opening this link....ya' never know, better safe than sorry!). Guess what, nobody's looking for me, just a bunch of other people with my same name checkin' out my profile picture to see if I look like them, go figure.
Feeling reasonably sure I was in no serious danger, I ditched the disguise and browsed around for people I knew. I stumbled upon a girl I was friends with 25 years (or so) ago in high school. We were pretty close for some time, until, at 17, I found a boyfriend 12 years my senior. I went by to see her one day, and her mom told me she wasn't there (I knew better, her car was in the driveway). I'm sure her mom felt that I was making bad choices, and did not want her daughter involved with the likes of me.
I got into my new boyfriends recently restored '66 El Camino and sped backwards out of her driveway, determined to get my point across to her that I was mad. I slammed the shifter into first gear and stomped on the gas, which transformed the El Camino into an uncontrollable speeding bullet on the gravel road. The car crashed violently into a phone pole. I could hear her moms frantic voice yelling my name as she ran towards the car. I remember thinking, oh man, now she's gonna stick her face in mine and say, "See?? This is why I don't want my daughter hangin' around with you anymore!" so, to avoid hearing those words and feeling like an idiot, I played dead. I guess I was hoping that she'd feel compelled to take responsibility for causing such a tragedy, see the error of her ways, and forever rue the day she lied to me. The only thing I accomplished was giving her one more reason why her daughter should steer clear of me. That was one of the last times I saw her.
(Toni, if you ever read this, please tell your mom I'm sorry for that).
I hope she finds me here and we get to 'catch up', I've missed her.


  1. Kelly: I have missed you also. You made me teary eyed even after all this time! I am going to pass this on to my mom - she will be shocked! We were such good friends! There has been so many years that have slipped by. I am so glad we connected again. You know I have a facebook page, my work email is tonig@rasmussen-mitchell.com and my home email is tagski2@windstream.net. The first two are the best to keep in touch with me since I am at work Mon-Fri 9am-530pm and I can check facebook from anywhere. I will save this page in my favs here at work & home. There is alot to catch up on - I can't wait!
    Your friend - Toni

  2. HI TONI!!!

    I'm so glad you're here, I'll email you as soon as I'm done with my (I can't believe I'm 'saying' this); homework. This is great, I'm so excited!

  3. OMG...this story and the first comment made me cry. I have chills sitting here...reading this...and feeling a bit guilty for eve's dropping....but so glad Toni read the post...and gladder still that she responded. Hope you guys have a long life of friendship ahead. Bless you both!

  4. Thank you!! Like an old, cherished quilt in need of repair, I've found a welcome inner peace and joy by finally picking up the needle and thread.....

  5. Well I printed out your comment and gave it to my mom. This is what happened.......... she read it in silence....knew right away it was you. Looked at me with a question in her eyes and said I never had bad feeling towards Kelly - you make sure you tell her that. That accident was not her fault. There was a pop bottle that was stuck under the gas peddle that made the car go totally fast and then she lost control. We only wish my dad was here to read it. He passed away last April. You were his favorite - he loved you! I told you silly! My sister read it and knew right away it was you. See you had an impact on my ENTIRE family not just me. I am glad we are in touch again. Can't wait to get caught up. Love Toni

  6. :)
    Such a lovely ending, it's a wonderful story. You've got to share this with you grandkids one day while sitting on the swing outside on the porch staring at the beautiful sunsent . .