Mar 13, 2009

Don't call me Hon.........

I'm listening to the young receptionist at the doctors office today chat with her friend on the phone as I wait patiently for my presence to be acknowledged, which, eventually, it was by the appearance of her forefinger in my direction cuing me to wait a minute. Meanwhile, my five year old, who has the flu, is insistent on touching everything in the lobby and spreading her cooties. A few minutes later, my sharp 'helloooo' interrupts her conversation, and she says..."I'll be with you in just a minute, hun".


This is one of my biggest pet peeves. My name is Kelly, not Hun, baby, darlin', Sugar, or any of those other 'I don't really care what your name is because I'm better than you and your name is insignificant to me' titles. Poor girl, if she had only known what was in store for her....

Gracie is very shy around those she doesn't know, but the doctor had a great approach to putting her at ease and making the examination a fun and interactive one. Less than 15 minutes, and we were done. The only thing left to do was to settle up our bill, so we made our way back to the receptionists window......."Hi Cutie Pie, are you sick??" she asked Gracie, who was preoccupied with staring at the floor tiles and avoiding all eye contact or communication....."Would you like a sticker?" The girl came around the corner with a basket of stickers and Dum Dums, and stooped over, eye level to Gracie, to let her rifle through the selection of goodies. As she lowered her head to get Gracie to look at her, my five year old let out the biggest, juiciest, infection laden sneeze ever causing the receptionist to screech and quickly retreat to the safety of her office....."Don't worry, HUN", I half-heartedly assured her, "it only lasts about a week."


  1. Hee Heee Heee Heee, what was great! I hope she is feeling better soon and that the rest of the family doesn't get it. :D

  2. Roger's sick now too :( He works Fri-Sun up there, and he usually just spends the night. So I've been home tending to Gracie and myself (and now Mason)for the past 3 days on my own.....I refuse to show him any mercy! I'm looking forward to the card swap!!

  3. Hi I just found your blog and well, hope that Gracie is doing great again. I am german and a recent transplant to Florida I struggle every day with being addressed either as "hon" or as "M#am", both I find very disturbing. I am glad that not only foreigner but you too find not appropriate. Paula xx