Aug 17, 2009

We Done Moved!

The mountains and pine trees are beautiful and I will miss them dearly, but time to move on. The almost two hour commute through the winding mountain highway and the thoughts of navigating my way down the icy blacktop luge come winter has resulted in too many semi-sleep 'jolts' from pondering those terrifying 'what if' scenarios.
We're now in what's known as a Banana belt, as the title may imply, the winter season tends to offer a not-so-severe climate, the small town of Payette. Many of the buildings and homes are very old, of the brick and lathe variety, giving our new surroundings a nostalgic "In the days of the gold rush, this bustling hub of Idaho....." feel. The train passes every hour or so and the blast of its horn echos through the valley. We are, sleeplessly close to the tracks. The local A&W drive in boasts an informal classic car show every Thursday night. The kids and I walk there, get our ice cream cones, and stroll through the flashy assortment of restored muscle cars, trucks, and motorcycles as the sun goes down. Something about this setting runs a close parallel to a childhood memory that I can't quite recall, but the feeling I get is one of a fond recollection that makes me wish my father was here too.
We have sidewalks as well, something I've not had for many years. The well established neighborhood has an abundance of huge trees, many well over 75 years old that cast looming shades over the sidewalks and streets offering reprieve from the afternoon sun creating a sense of tranquil simplicity and complacency. I like it here.
When there is a fire, or other emergency requiring responders attention, a city wide notification ensues which consists of loudspeakers placed throughout the town that emit a series of loud siren blasts. The number of blasts alerts those who know the code as to what the emergency is, and the appropriate teams respond. My husband explained the siren to our daughter (in his usual easy for kids to understand manner) as the 'get the hell out of the road, there's a fire truck coming' alarm.
I hope to get some pictures to post that will give you a glimpse of our new home and it's historic surroundings. Never forget, no matter where I may roam, you can always find me here :)

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  1. WHAT!!!! Are you trying to tell me you moved? Man....
    O.k. as long as you are happy and you can find your way back to the lodge once in a while. I'll miss seeing you!