Oct 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After moving to Payette two and a half months ago, we have found a place to call home! Not too far from the comfort of Grandma's, but out in the country just a bit. It's perfect. It is a historic piece of Payette history, for decades, this landmark served as the Old Washoe Schoolhouse, then later as the Shriner's Lodge. It has been beautifully remodeled inside, and
boasts an incredible view from the bell tower.
A modest 2529 sf of living space and generous open floor plan has rendered this charming icon of days gone by the perfect home for our family. There is something for each of us to love; Roger has a shop big enough to house three vehicles (he has an idea of opening a small business called 'Old School Auto Repair'). The house is located across the street and intersection of the train tracks, (Andrew is totally stoked), Mason finally gets her own room, and Gracie has lots of room to play and grow. As for me, there's a perfect spot for a garden, and the landscaping possibilities that will consume my free time are endless. Ahhh....Home at last :)


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